The Valley & Tableaux Exhibition – 11-23 October 2016

Paintings of the Capertee Valley from the air and small bronze sculptures of psychological associations and anomalies.

“It is with much pleasure that we have the privilege to exhibit these recent paintings and sculptures by Peter Day. Significantly known for his large public installations, these smaller works exemplify the wide range of ideas and understanding of execution that he has applied to his lengthy established professional practice.”

Maureen Cahill AM

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Rituals of Cultural Intercourse

Peter’s previous sculptural work explained the opportunities that arose in transforming existing 2D images (ie. Digital prints) into 3D by building objects that used only the shapes that exist in the 2D images. They were constructed from foam core, plastic, mild steel, corten steel, bronze and aluminium. Examples of this work are the Hard Country Series of Sculptures, which are based on the ‘Hard Country’ (Broken Hill) Theme, which was also explored in paintings.

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