Services for Public & Community Arts, Cultural Planning and Urban Design initiatives.

We provide short or long term contract services for Government and Community Organisations in the areas of Public and Community Arts, Cultural Planning, Urban Design and Community Engagement.

We have a lot of experience and understanding of the working of Government and how to positively interact with the community.

We have over 30 years of experience in this industry. We would be delighted to become part of an in house team and/or work with other external professionals.

The three tiers of Government in Australia, as well as the United Nations,  have benefited from Peter’s down to earth advice and research.

Peter is one of the pioneers of community engagement in Australia, incorporating consultation and participation in art and design projects. For over 30 years Peter has been sourcing valuable information from communities to inform the design process. He says ‘We avoid a lot of mistakes which are made through design professionals making assumptions – we avoid embarrassment for our clients and create valuable, meaningful appropriate and much-loved art and design solutions. EA+D have an accredited IAP2 staff member who ensures that proper community engagement protocols are followed.

Discuss your situation with us by phone or contact us via the contact page. We will provide your first face to face consultation complementary.