Rituals of Cultural Intercourse

Peter’s previous sculptural work explained the opportunities that arose in transforming existing 2D images (ie. Digital prints) into 3D by building objects that used only the shapes that exist in the 2D images. They were constructed from foam core, plastic, mild steel, corten steel, bronze and aluminium. Examples of this work are the Hard Country Series of Sculptures, which are based on the ‘Hard Country’ (Broken Hill) Theme, which was also explored in paintings.

Ca Va – afternoon coffee

More recently Peter has been exploring the rituals of cultural intercourse. These tableau are ‘curated’ in a manner to raise questions about their provenance, their use and their owners.

These works, cast in Silicon Bronze, depict the ‘archaeology of cultural interaction’ with a new emphasis on social justice. This theme developed out of the opportunity provided by the public art for Stockland Merrylands to explore deeper cultural rituals of different communities particularly those around welcoming people into your home.

Tres Drole – Morning Tea – 2012, 31 x 31 x10cm, Silicon Bronze and Ca Va – Afternoon Coffee 2012, 75 x 40 x 40cm, Silicon Bronze

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